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Carrier Assure is the first carrier performance scoring software that anticipates how the carrier will transport the goods.

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Carrier Assure analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points producing an easy-to-understand score predicting how the carrier will perform.

Efficiently Find the Right Carriers

Quickly find carriers that help you meet your KPIs whether it’s on-time performance, consistent tracking, or excellent customer service.

Avoid the Bottomfeeders

Easily avoid carriers with indicators of double brokering, poor visibility, and instability.

Discover the Unicorns

Quickly find carriers that are rising stars and are building a solid trucking business.

No More Sifting Through FMCSA Confusing Data

Carrier Assure does the work for you. The data from the FMCSA is analyzed by algorithms developed to predict the carrier’s performance.

Users trust us

Jett McCandless
Founder and CEO of Project44
"Give this tool to your carrier sales team and you will stop having so many problems".
Cody Marshall
Brokerage Manager of DHL Transport Brokerage
"DHL strives to select the premire partnerships when handling our customer's freight and Carrier Assure enables us to do that effectively. From the top to the bottom of our organization, we are utilizing Carrier Assure to benchmark our providers and ensure that we are making the correct decisions in procurement. Carrier Assure is a tool that allows us to achieve our promise - Excellence. Simply delivered".
Carlos Fernandez
VP of Sales, Echo Global Logistics
"Carrier Assure has provided our sales team with a platform that provides quick carrier insight in a user friendly format. The team is always asking for feedback on how to improve the tool for it’s end users and consistently looking for ways to innovate the way we vet carriers today".
Kevin Nolan
Founder and Chief Rhino of Nolan Transportation
"This software is a game changer for our industry and those leading the industry are using it".
Guy Byars
SVP of Carrier Growth
"We appreciate partnering with data driven and process lifting services like Carrier Assure to boost reliability and speed of execution for our shippers while ensuring that our carrier partners have the best possible experience maximizing their time and profitability when they choose Transfix".
Jeff Henderson
SVP of Ryan Transportation
"Carrier Assure is quickly becoming our go-to for checking a carrier’s performance. It speeds up operations and has been a great coaching tool to newer people on the floor".
Mark Funk
Director of Carrier Procurement, SPI Logistics
"Carrier Assure takes back the control from bad actors and rewards the good ones. It has impacted our organization since day one".
Ron Kane
Chief Operating Officer, Cascade Coffee
"The grading scale is incredibly valuable for us. Because we are a small to medium-sized company, we don't have the data (or time) to develop our own internal rating system. What Carrier Assure created helps us determine (especially for new employees!) if a carrier is the right fit to take the order or not".
Jerome Thomas
Product Owner, Crowley Maritime Corporation
"One of the best features of Carrier Assure is how quick it is to maneuver around within the software, process the data/info and drill down to make an informed decision that is sound and based on actual facts instead of emotions or judgment".
Patrick Childs
Sr. Director of Strategic Services, Covenant Logistics
"Carrier Assure makes understanding carrier safety and performance indicators simple with its intuitive UI and best-in-class peer collaboration tools".
Andrew Smith
SVP Circle Logistics
"Carrier Assure has greatly improved our carrier network quality, streamlining the carrier vetting process to one simple decision that reduced our escalations and claims".
Don Everhart
"Carrier Assure provides a so much helpful data in one central location that it’s easy for my team to match the right carrier to the right shipment".
David Norman
COO of Sage Freight
"Given the recent surge in the number of double brokers looking to scam us, we were looking for additional resources to assist our operations team to quickly identify who those potential carriers might be. Carrier Assure’s rating system allows us to see a clear ranking and pretty much eliminates double brokers from getting set up with us because they have an F or D rating. The rating system takes a lot of the guess work out for our operations team".
Mike Bush
Head of Communications and Brand, NEXT Trucking
"Carrier Assure allows us to augment one of the industry's strictest carrier vetting processes, easily identifying the carriers we should be considering in a simple to use and understand interface".
Kelsey Green
Resources Manager, Jones Transport
"Carrier Assure provides a quick, easy performance score so that employees do not have to spend a lot of time sifting through data and making judgment calls".
Steve Forcier
Director of Compliance, Ally Logistics
"Carrier Assure has been a great addition to our carrier vetting and streamlined our company processes. It’s a one-stop-shop that provides the right data we’re looking for in an easy-to-read format. Finding the right carrier for our freight has never been easier!"
Anthony Cartagena
Carrier Procurement, Load One Logistics
"I like the report card style evaluation of the carrier. Everything is linked to one spot so you can really dig into the carrier and their profiles/behavior".
Tom Curee
SVP of Kingsgate Logistics
"Carrier Assure showed up at the right time for us. As we were looking to improve our vetting process, we found that this tool is helping us identify risks much quicker than we were before".
Randy Dong
Fresh Freight
"I appreciate the simplistic and easy to use format. I am usually checking this information while I am in the middle of doing numerous other tasks, so being able to click on Carrier Assure’s page and get the answers I need in a few seconds is so valuable to me".
Robert Cadena
CEO of Lean Group
"It's simple and data-driven, takes the subjectivity out of decision making, and aids in a comprehensive approach to carrier vetting."
Eric Tewes
Compliance Manager VP Logistics
"Carrier Assure creates a seamless way to navigate, analyze, and execute on decisions utilizing their revolutionary technology".
Greg Finnerty
VP of Operations, Concept Logistics
"The workflows are simple, intuitive, and accessible. The information is organized with the user's experience in mind. The interface is modern, clean, uncluttered, and delivers actionable intelligence to the user".
Kristy Knichel
CEO of Knichel Logistics
"Choosing the wrong carrier can have catastrophic consequences. Carrier Assure provides a centralized, easy to use interface that allows the end user to make quick decisions to assist in the very important carrier vetting and selection process".
Emily Perez
Operations Manager, Integrity Express Logistics.
"We are excited to implement the non-use of F carriers. This is really saving us from all the double brokering and scam carriers out there today. This site is such a breeze and helps us with accurate carrier vetting and quicker decision making."
What our customers are saying

“Carrier Assure will forever change this industry by providing brokers, shippers and carriers quick performance assessments and by providing a community that this industry needs.”

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Shippers will have a performance score for carriers and brokers to review.
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