About Carrier Assure

Mission Statement

Fighting Fraud One Score at a Time

At the core of Carrier Assure, the transportation industry’s first performance-scoring software, is our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing how shipments are managed.

We strive to give companies the insights they need to make informed decisions and select carriers based on their performance level while ensuring optimal results efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are here to help you hire carriers with confidence!

Carrier Assure Inc. was founded in 2022 to provide clear visibility into the performance of carriers, brokers, and shippers. Our goal is to help you discover the industry unicorns and avoid the bottomfeeders without having to sift through FMCSA’s confusing data. 

Helping companies make better decisions in three ways

Seamless Integration

We easily integrate with most platforms. We also recommend clients use Carrier Assure in combination with RMIS, the industry's leading onboarding platform, with whom we have partnered to provide an expanded level of security.

User-friendly Interface

Carrier Assure has an easy-to-navigate dashboard that any transportation professional – from sales to operations – can use with minimal training, ensuring quick onboarding.

Real-time Scoring System

Our powerful algorithms take transportation data — such as inspections, violations, CSA scores, safety ratings, etc – and grades carriers from A to F, providing instant clarity.

About Our People

Meet Our Industry Experts Guiding Your Success!

Cassandra Gaines
Founder & CEO

show where she united a very fragmented, volatile industry. Now, Cassandra Gaines continues to revolutionize the industry with Carrier Assure, helping people identify bad actors disguising themselves as legitimate businesses. As an industry influencer, peers seek her input on transportation matters, drawn to her straightforward approach and eager enthusiasm. Cassandra was named one of the 100 People Transforming Business in North America by Business Insider, joining alumni such as Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Jeff Bezos, solidifying her status as a visionary leader in transportation.

Cassandra Gaines is the founder and CEO of Carrier Assure Inc., the industry’s first carrier performance score software. Her relentless pursuit of transparency is reshaping the transportation industry. After 10 years of working as a transportation lawyer for the largest brokers and carriers in the industry, Cassandra decided to disrupt the transportation industry in search for transparency and efficiency.  Starting with a lively Joe Rogan-like show called “MadGaines Live”, thousands of viewers tuned in to her podcast for an educational, non-traditional

Megan Sabiston
Sales Manager

Now, with an MBA and a Bachelor of Business Administration, she is driven by her passion for simplifying logistics solutions by being on a mission with Carrier Assure to streamline the fragmented carrier vetting process. With her expertise and dedication, she strives to empower professionals to make informed decisions and achieve operational excellence.

Megan Sabiston is an experienced Sales Manager with a wealth of expertise in transportation. With a strong foundation in logistics, her trajectory exemplifies her understanding of current industry challenges.Megan kickstarted her career journey at Crowley Maritime before seizing opportunities in the dynamic brokerage realm. Her contributions were instrumental in the growth of Magellan Transport, helping the company scale from $100 million to $400 million.

Milestones That Define Our Success


2,000,000 Real-time data points assessed by Carrier Assure’s robust algorithms


12,900+ carrier searches daily performed by Carrier Assure’s clients


24,615 views on our Carrier Assure software per day


10,000 users registered Carrier Assure users on the platform

Results Reported By Case Studies

Discover our Key Performance Statistics

Double Brokering Reduction at Integrity Express

Overall Claims Reduction at
Circle Logistics

Cut Down on Suspicious Carriers at
Ryan Transportation

Sethmar Transportation eliminated fraud and theft by 100%

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