We understand that as a carrier you face unique obstacles. A low Carrier Assure score not only impacts your reputation but also limits your business opportunities.

We recognize that improving your score is not just about numbers; it's about elevating your overall performance. It’s about turning challenges into success, and that's where Innovative Logistics and Carrier Assure’s commitment to your growth comes into play.

Innovative Logistics & Carrier Assure Partner to Improve Your Performance

We're thrilled to introduce the Carrier Verification partnership with Innovative Logistics Group and Carrier Assure: a collaborative effort tailored to refine your capabilities and improve your overall score in the industry.

This is how it works:

Extensive Carrier Audit:

We pinpoint operational challenges, offering actionable insights to enhance your service delivery and elevate your industry score.

Industry Expertise:

Guided by a 24-year industry veteran, Innovative Logistics’ team ensures a detailed understanding of your challenges and provides a well-informed perspective.

Benefit to 3PLs:

Improve your carrier service to boost confidence in your business, leading to expanded opportunities with 3PLs and shippers, ultimately enhancing your growth potential.

Continuous Improvement:

Carrier Assure’s commitment to ongoing feedback and support ensures you're always on the path of improvement, ready to adapt to the ever-evolving demands.

Choose Better, Choose Innovative

Opt for Carrier Verification by Innovative Logistics Group and ensure that you are not just meeting but exceeding industry standards.

Take the first step towards improvement by getting started. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive audit and experience the positive impact on your Carrier Assure score with Innovative Logistics and Carrier Assure.