Use top
performers for
those tough

Quickly find the Carrier who perfectly fits your shipment.

Use average carriers for the average load

Quickly find the Carrier who perfectly fits your shipment.

Use low scoring carriers for easy, low-value short hauls

Additional vetting analysis may be necessary for these carriers

Stop wasting time
analyzing FMCSA data

Powerful Algorithms and data science do the work for you
The FMCSA data that you are reviewing using archaic third party
software is not needed any longer. Our Carrier Assure algorithms are doing that
work, and more. So now, you can use that time to book loads.

Data-driven scoring

No more thumb in the wind analysis.
Carrier scoring is not determined by a person; it’s determined by data science. Carriers are scored based on market statistics, peer groups, and millions of data points.

Effortless integration without manual data entry

We seamlessly connect to your existing onboarding solution— no complex configurations needed, and instant access to predictive carrier scores.

Carrier scores are in real time

The Carrier Assure software constantly analyzes and re-scores carriers to provide users with the most up-to-date information available. Millions of data points are analyzed daily, sometimes hourly, to ensure a real-time score when you need to make a carrier selection decision.

Scores are recalculated
daily with fresh data

Carrier Assure FAQs

Carrier Assure is a complex software with hundreds of algorithms that analyze over 2,000,000 million DOT numbers every day. While we develop more phases and features for our users, we will also provide more resources. But for now, here are the answers to a few common questions.

Does the score include violations?

We use data science and analytics to determine how a carrier should perform based on the industry’s benchmarks as well. We built algorithms to consistently comb through all the data and recalculate the carrier’s score daily. Ultimately, the carrier’s score is an objective metric where the carrier is compared to similar carriers and if the carrier is doing worse, better or the same as their peers, the score will reflect such performance.
How does Carrier Assure determine the score?
Can I hire an F carrier?
Does the score include violations?
Does Carrier Assure vet insurance policies?
Are all Carriers Scored?
Does the score consider whether a carrier has broker authority?