Carrier Assure: a platform that provides visibility on carrier performance

May 2, 2023
Cassandra Gaines

Visibility is the cornerstone of supply chain efficiency and resiliency. Being able to track your shipments is fundamental, but before that, having complete visibility of carrier performance is what will truly drive success. Here’s where Carrier Assure, a performance scoring platform, comes into play.  

Being able to openly and quickly review carrier performance helps shippers and brokers identify potential issues and make proactive decisions to avoid them. By utilizing technology and software, shippers and brokers can now gain visibility into carrier performance faster.  

Carrier Assure is the first carrier performance scoring platform that allows your business to choose a suitable carrier for each type of shipment. With a few clicks, you can find the perfect partner to transport your freight by considering their overall score, backed up by FMSCA data.  

Why is Visibility into Carrier Performance Important?

Faster Carrier Selection

With valuable data such as on-time delivery, transit time, and cargo damage, just a few clicks aways, shippers and brokers can select a suitable carrier for each load and improve their business performance, as they’ll be sure their freight will be tendered correctly.  

Supply Chain Optimization

With insights into carrier performance, shippers and brokers can select a suitable carrier for each type of load. By doing so, they ensure each service's quality will increase and generate a more efficient supply chain. As each carrier is selected depending on the load type and value, the chosen carriers will have the experience and knowledge to transport shipments promptly and with high-quality standards.  

Improved Customer Experience

As shippers and brokers can choose the freight unicorns of the industry for each type of load, service levels will increase, and therefore, customer satisfaction will increase. Companies will meet expectations and enhance customer experience by hiring the perfect carrier.  


Visibility into carrier performance is a critical component of modern supply chain management. Businesses can now optimize their supply chain, improve customer service, and reduce costs. As the global supply chain continues to evolve, carrier performance visibility becomes a fundamental aspect for businesses searching for suitable carriers to provide top-tier services and stay competitive.  

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