Freight Brokerage: How To Thrive Through Rapid Growth?

March 6, 2023
Cassandra Gaines

Growing a company in transportation is challenging, especially when you must manage and work with many people with many differences and, in some cases, more experience within the industry. To dive deeper into the topic, David Norman, Co-founder and COO of Sage Freight, talked with Cassandra about how his company has grown so fast in a short amount of time.

Keys to Sage Freight’s Success

Building a solid relationship with his drivers

Thanks to David’s previous experience in an asset-based company, he was able to get to know the drivers, talk to them constantly, and help them with any issues they may have. This led him to create a strong bond with them and further understand the transportation process.

This translated into the business David started: Sage Freight, a company created based on years of industry experience and the drive to provide excellent services without being overly corporate.  

Spotting the perfect moment to start

The company started at the right time, which allowed them to grow exponentially. Currently, they are thinking about those strategic decisions they need to make to continue their growth path, like purchasing an asset-based company or a drayage company to provide a blended and dynamic model.

Starting the business with people you know and trust

The initial group that started the company knew each other very well as they had previously worked together for a couple of years. This allowed them to be aligned and work toward a shared goal from the beginning.

Seizing the opportunity

Booking Canadian freight when they were having transportation issues. Most carriers were running away from Canadian freight at that time, but Sage Freight took the opportunity and ended up having a competitive advantage. Seizing this opportunity allowed them to get a lot of volume, setting the business up for success.  

Purchasing trailers

The company purchased 30 trailers for dedicated freight transportation, allowing them to have steady freight with a shipper, ensuring business stability.  

Some companies usually buy trailers when they have a deal with a shipper or see the opportunity for dedicated freight on the horizon. Taking this opportunity allows the company to provide the capacity and flexibility shippers need.  

Hiring the right people

To ensure the business runs smoothly and assets are being tracked and taken care of, hiring the right people is vital. Professionals with experience in all company areas can provide their expertise to ensure as few issues as possible. Onboarding a robust management team with experience in various areas will allow the learning curve to be quicker and for processes to be efficient and successful.  

Communicating with the team and providing feedback

As the company continues to grow, communication within the teams is essential to maintain. It’s critical to continue talking with every team member to know what they are feeling and if the decisions that are being made affect them positively or not. This insight allows management to shift gears if required and make better decisions.

Creating a business from the ground up is a challenging task. But you'll lead your business to unprecedented growth and success by having experience, trusting the process, seizing opportunities, and hiring the right people.