How Carrier Assure Utilize Carrier Performance Data?

May 9, 2023
Cassandra Gaines

Carrier performance data is fundamental to determining the right company to transport any company’s freight. Without carrier performance data, shippers and brokers are left with the "he said, she said" or more qualitative information about their carriers. Carrier performance shouldn't rely on a person's hands but be determined using official data.  

To obtain this type of information, companies search through confusing and time-consuming FMCSA databases. But with platforms like Carrier Assure, shippers and brokers can now have this incredibly useful information in a matter of minutes. By signing up to Carrier Assure, the first performance scoring software, shippers and brokers can predict how carriers will perform when transporting their freight.

Utilizing Carrier Performance Data

Select the right carrier

The first and most obvious way of utilizing this type of data is to select the right carrier for your freight transportation needs. By analyzing performance information, shippers and brokers can make an informed decision and avoid double brokering, fraud, theft, cargo claims, and other transportation issues.  

Unfortunately, the more traditional method of phone calls and emails to carriers –- that you already know and have worked with –- is less effective than a performance scoring platform. With Carrier Assure, companies can broaden their reach and find suitable carriers in minutes, ensuring they hire confidently. Always.

Create a healthier carrier network

Shippers and brokers don’t just use one carrier to transport all their freight. Depending on the number and types of shipments, they’ll use various transportation companies. For a company to ensure top-tier service levels, it must be able to respond to any freight, and this is only possible by creating a vast carrier network.  

Even though your number of carriers is critical, quality is pivotal. Having a healthy carrier network with high-scoring and quality carriers will ensure you maintain outstanding service levels.

Increase transparency and visibility throughout the supply chain

In most cases, data gets lost in translation. Companies can sometimes become very protective of their information. Even though protecting data is a good practice, if you do not provide critical information to your future business partners, trust will not be maintained.  

Visualizing data ensures you obtain the transparency you need for better service levels. Knowing the carrier’s score and other performance-related data helps you choose the right company to transport your freight.  


Performance data is definitely critical within the transportation and logistics industry as it allows shippers and brokers to predict how carriers will perform. With all this information, shippers and brokers can make a data-driven decision and select the right carrier for each type of load.  

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