Top 3 Areas Your Business Needs to Improve

April 20, 2023
Cassandra Gaines

We are all looking for the "perfect" strategy to be successful. But sometimes, we get caught up in thinking that this means complex, time-consuming, or out-of-budget tactics, and we fall back into our old, bad habits. In reality, a thriving business within the transportation and logistics industry needs to go back to basics and focus on what matters most: carrier performance visibility, forgetting bad habits, and building a robust carrier network.  Let’s zero in on these three pillars for success:

Carrier Performance Visibility

Today’s levels of disruptions require solid management strategies that provide enhanced visibility over the entire transportation process to ensure end-users receive their goods on time. But visibility starts way before the actual movement of freight. Visibility starts with choosing a suitable carrier for each service you’ll be providing.  

Selecting the right transportation company is the first step to successful delivery. A vital element to consider is their historical performance so that you can understand how they may perform in the future. For this you can trust Carrier Assure -the first performance scoring software that is able to provide real-time, informative guidance on how a carrier will transport your goods.  

With Carrier Assure, you can efficiently find the right carrier depending on their data-based score, allowing you to greatly increase your chances of meeting your KPIs - whether it’s on-time delivery, consistent tracking, or excellent customer service.

Getting Rid of Old Habits

Old habits die hard, right? It’s understandable. People want to do what has already been done. But considering the current market environment, doing the same thing that’s always been done doesn’t cut it anymore. Companies must work hard to build an offering that stands out and provides their customers with actual added value.

In transportation and logistics, business as usual means sticking to more traditional methods that, when done alone, are less efficient than more tech-enabled methods. Companies sometimes stick with carriers they have worked with before because they have created a relationship with them and know that they’ll deliver. But sometimes, they’re not the most suitable for certain shipments.  

Instead of trusting carriers because you’ve worked with them before, you can broaden your carrier network by using Carrier Assure, where you’ll be able to find the right partner for each of your transportation needs.

A Robust Carrier Network

Lastly, businesses need to improve their carrier network to thrive. This means broadening your current network to ensure you choose a suitable carrier for your transportation services. It’s not just about having a couple of great carriers; it’s about having a variety of carriers for each type of load.

With Carrier Assure, you can choose which carrier you’ll work with based on their score (a score that incorporates FMSCA data). Suppose you’re going to transport a small, less valuable load within a shorter distance. In that case, you may choose a lower-scoring carrier.  If you need a carrier to haul a heavy load long-distance shipment, or high-value freight, selecting a carrier with the right score is critical.  

These are just some key business areas companies must improve to stay competitive. With Carrier Assure, the industry’s first performance scoring software, you’ll be able to improve carrier performance visibility, and build a robust carrier network, ultimately helping you provide better services and improve overall customer satisfaction.    

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