What is Carrier Assure and How Does it Work?

May 23, 2023
Cassandra Gaines

Two essential elements keep the wheels turning in transportation and logistics: visibility and solid carrier networks. Visibility is crucial in transportation, as it allows you to visualize valuable data that helps your operation flow seamlessly. It’s not all about tracking goods; visibility also refers to having information at hand that can help you predict how carriers will perform.  

On the other hand, there’s a need for solid transportation networks. Creating a vast group of companies with what it takes to transport your goods safely and on time. The exciting thing is that you don’t always have to work with the same carriers; you can branch out and use performance-scoring platforms to pick suitable carriers and continue nurturing your carrier network.  

Combining these two essential transportation elements (visibility and a solid carrier network) will create a more efficient and transparent supply chain. You can access performance visibility through performance scoring platforms, select the perfect carrier, and create a more robust transportation network.  

Here’s where Carrier Assure comes into play.

What is Carrier Assure?

Carrier Assure is the first performance-scoring software that anticipates how carriers will transport goods. The platform allows shippers and brokers to review relevant and easy-to-digest data about carriers, allowing them to select the perfect fit and hire with confidence.  

Shippers and brokers shouldn’t spend countless hours sifting through FMCSA data. Carrier Assure takes care of everything since it analyzes hundreds of thousands of official data points producing an easy-to-understand score predicting how the carrier will perform.

What Data Will I Find in Carrier Assure?

  • Real-time performance score
  • Number of trucks
  • Number of inspected trucks
  • Total inspections
  • Map of carrier destination information
  • Carrier contact information
  • Services the carrier provides
  • Business stability data
  • DOT performance
  • Suspicious activity reports
  • SuspectCarrier reports

How Can Carrier Assure Benefit your Business?

  • Quickly finding suitable carriers.
  • Meeting KPIs, whether on-time performance, consistent tracking, or excellent customer service.
  • Easily avoiding carriers with indicators of double brokering, poor visibility, and instability.
  • Finding carriers that are rising stars and are building a solid trucking business.
  • Accessing supply chain visibility.
  • Creating a healthier carrier network.

How Does Carrier Assure Work?

Carrier Assure scores carriers based on market statistics, peer groups, and millions of data points. The best thing about Carrier Assure is that you’ll have the data you need to make informed decisions a few minutes away. Let’s break it down step by step.

  • Sign up at Carrier Assure at www.carrierassure.com and fill in the required information. To test out the waters, you can access our one-month free trial!  

  • Once you’ve filled in the required information, you can log in to Carrier Assure with your email and password.  
  • You enter your dashboard and type in the carrier’s MC number, DOT number, or company name.

  • If instead of typing the carrier's name you’d like to explore different options, you can click on the blue button with a magnifying glass, and you’ll obtain a complete list of carriers.  

  • Then you’ll get a complete overview of the carrier that includes relevant information about their business.  

  • You can now review all the information about your carriers by sifting through the dashboard and clicking on the different button modules.

It’s that simple!

Carrier Assure offers a variety of helpful tools for shippers and brokers to find the best carriers for their transportation needs. With complete visibility into carrier performance data, companies can confidently make informed decisions and build a strong transportation network tailored to their specific shipment requirements.

Interested in signing up to Carrier Assure? Click on the link below to get started!