Why Using Carrier Assure Improves Your Supply Chain Visibility

April 25, 2023
Cassandra Gaines

As a shipper or broker, choosing a suitable carrier is critical to ensure your freight will reach its destination quickly and safely. Price and service quality are always a must; however, carrier selection may vary depending on your products, destination, and reputation.

Confidently select a suitable carrier for your shipment with Carrier Assure’s robust algorithms that asses over 2 million real-time data points, and that monitor inspections and violations, CSA scores, safety ratings, MCS 150, insurance types and amounts, and user reports and reviews.  

Top benefits of Carrier Assure

  • Pick top performers: Some shipments are more substantial than others; find the right fit for you.
  • Use average carriers for the average load.
  • Select low-scoring carriers for easy, low-value short hauls; verify and analyze additional data to draw your own conclusions.

Carrier Performance Visibility Benefits with Carrier Assure

  • Our powerful algorithms have updated numbers, ratings, and reports.
  • Rely on the carriers you hire with the first performance-scoring software.
  • Avoid using a thumb-in-the-wind analysis with carrier scoring based on market statistics, peer groups, and more.
  • Get carrier scores in real time.
  • Obtain recalculated scores daily about the business, compliance, safety, inspections, fleet details, and more.

Choosing the right carrier for your freight transportation needs requires careful consideration, research, and taking the time to evaluate different carriers. With Carrier Assure, you can make a data-driven decision and take the right steps to ensure that your goods are transported safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.  

From now on, forecast how carriers will deliver your goods with Carrier Assure. Ready to sign up?