Circle Logistics Optimizes Logistics Operations with Carrier Assure

Carrier Assure’s performance-scoring software enables Circle Logistics to weed out low-performing carriers.

Double Brokering Reduction
Overall Claims Reduction
Dropped Loads

"The problem we had with other solutions is they gave us the information, but not the answer. There was no single metric when it comes to hiring a motor carrier.”

Andrew Smith

Senior Vice President, Circle Logistics

Circle Logistics

Circle Logistics is a freight broker providing logistics solutions to a wide array of customers in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. Founded in 2011, the company has 700 employees and $700 in annual revenue. It is headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN, and has 12 branch offices.


Like many other U.S.-based freight brokers, Circle Logistics has experienced its share of double brokering, dropped loads, and cargo theft.

In fact, double brokering is on the rise across the industry, according to a TIA white paper.

Until late 2022, Circle Logistics primarily used the Federal Motor Carrier Association’s SAFER website and other apps to vet carriers’ safety scores and track other relevant data.

But it found these sources cumbersome and time consuming, often requiring multiple browsers to gather all the required data. Instead, Circle Logistics wanted a more intuitive, all-in-one solution to ease hiring decisions.


The company decided to try Carrier Assure, the first performance-scoring software that uses data science, analytics, and powerful algorithms to predict how a carrier will transport goods for full truckload interstate shipments.

Circle Logistics tested the Carrier Assure software on a 30-day trial basis starting in November 2022.

To put the software through its paces, Circle Logistics ran its top 500 carriers through the system.  

Circle quickly discovered that Carrier Assure simplified the process of vetting a carrier with its easy-to-understand, real-time score that graded carriers from A to F. 

For example, when Circle Logistics analyzed carriers that had D and F grades, it discovered that:

  • 45% had an increased chance of a cargo claim
  • 20% tracked less frequently
  • 30% were more likely to show up late
  • 2.5 times more likely to result in an internal escalation

With the trial complete, Circle Logistics signed up for a plan with unlimited seats to ensure everyone on the team — from procurement to carrier sales — could use the software.

Within one week, Carrier Assure had integrated its API into Circle Logistics’ Transportation Management System (TMS), Transport Pro who facilitated the integration. 

This ensured that Carrier Assure scores appeared:

  • On every carrier profile in the TMS
  • On every booking page before employees could book the carrier

To facilitate adoption within the company, Smith held employee training sessions to demonstrate how Carrier Assure generates its scores. He also explained how using the software would benefit employees.

For example, if Circle Logistics employees reduced the number of poor-performing carriers they booked, they would reduce the number of claims. In that way, employees would not only improve customer service, but also see a direct impact on their own commissions.


Within three months of implementing Carrier Assure, Circle Logistics was able to decrease: 

  • Double brokering by 90%
  • Overall claims by 60%
  • Dropped loads by 36%

And it completely eliminated cargo theft.

Circle Logistics was able to achieve this success because it:

  • Reduced the number of D and F carriers it hired by 53%, after closely examining carrier data regarding claims, tracking, delivery times, and escalations
  • Implemented widespread adoption of Carrier Assure internally, enabled by API integration and training sessions
Carrier Assure logo

What is Carrier Assure?

Carrier Assure is the first performance-scoring software that anticipates how the carrier will transport the goods for full truckload interstate shipments.

Carrier Assure uses data science, analytics, and powerful algorithms to comb through millions of data points daily, analyzing the carriers’ performance. 

The result is an easy-to-understand, predictive, real-time score that grades carriers from A to F.

“Out of our entire tech stack, Carrier Assure has brought in the most ROI.”

Andrew Smith

Senior Vice President, Circle Logistics