Corporate Traffic Enhances Cargo Security and Efficiency with Carrier Assure

Carrier Assure’s performance-scoring software gives longtime freight broker an edge.

Cargo Theft Reduction
Double Brokering Avoidance
Fraud Reduction

“The scammers are out in full force. We knew we needed to adapt to protect ourselves and our customers.”

Brian Kowalski

Legal and Compliance Manager, Corporate Traffic

Corporate Traffic

Corporate Traffic is a family-owned and -operated logistics company based in Jacksonville, Fla. Founded in 1992, it has two locations in Jacksonville and one in North Carolina. The company has 125 employees and $180 million in annual revenue.


Corporate Traffic Logistics, a 30-year-old family-owned and-operated third-party logistics company, is always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition.

For most of its history, the company used several applications to vet carriers, including an in-house application that monitors everything from carrier insurance, DOT inspections, time, and service reputation.

However, even the best applications may not be enough to predict and circumvent bad behavior among carriers. For example, Corporate Traffic saw an uptick in double brokering, hostage loads, MC spoofing, and fraud over a two-year period.

And it’s been getting worse for the industry overall. In fact, in the first two quarters of 2023, cargo fraud was up 41% compared to 2022, according to CargoNet as reported in the Commercial Carrier Journal.

With this in mind, Corporate Traffic wanted to find new ways to mitigate risk in carrier hiring.


Corporate Traffic implemented Carrier Assure, the first performance-scoring software that uses data science, analytics and powerful algorithms to predict how a carrier will transport goods for full truckload interstate shipments.

After a quick and easy implementation, Corporate Traffic managers arranged a short training session to onboard 70+ operations staff.

The company uses Carrier Assure alongside their in-house tool. They found that Carrier Assure fits seamlessly into their existing process.

It is particularly useful for what Corporate Traffic refers to as “gray areas," such as checking a carrier’s reputation or the use of virtual addresses.

“Carrier Assure provides another option to cross-check a carrier if something doesn’t look right or there are red flags. It’s a great tool that gives us an edge.”

Brian Kowalski

Legal and Compliance Manager, Corporate Traffic


Carrier Assure exceeded Corporate Traffic’s expectations, which were high to begin with.

For example, Carrier Assure helped Corporate Traffic reduce:

  • Double brokering by 28%
  • Dropped loads by 32%
  • Cargo theft by 58%
  • Fraud by 40%

Corporate Traffic has found two unique Carrier Assure features particularly useful: 

  1. Weekly email blasts: These emails identify the latest carriers that have engaged in double brokering, held loads hostage, or other misdeeds.
  2. Insight provided by other freight brokers: Carrier Assure enables brokers to read each other’s comments — both good and bad — about carriers they have worked with.

Carrier Assure logo

What is Carrier Assure?

Carrier Assure is the first performance-scoring software that anticipates how the carrier will transport the goods for full truckload interstate shipments.

Carrier Assure uses data science, analytics, and powerful algorithms to comb through millions of data points daily, analyzing the carriers’ performance. 

The result is an easy-to-understand, predictive, real-time score that grades carriers from A to F.

“Carrier Assure provides us with a greater peace of mind. It has helped mitigate risk, enhanced carrier selection, and improved our decision making.”

Brian Kowalski

Legal and Compliance Manager, Corporate Traffic