Empowering Legacy Supply Chain: Effective Carrier Vetting and Business Growth with Carrier Assure

Carrier Assure helps Legacy eliminate double brokering by 99%, fraud and theft by 100%, and dramatically decrease dropped loads

Double Brokering Elimination
Theft and Fraud Reduction

“Carrier Assure has been great for growing our business, because we can properly vet carriers, put the right ones on our customers’ loads, and ultimately offer excellent customer service''

Bridget Bates

Director of Operations, Domestic Brokerage, Legacy Supply Chain


Legacy Supply Chain is a high-growth North American 3PL serving as a distribution, fulfillment, and transportation partner that drives control over dynamic, omnichannel supply chains. Founded in 1983, Legacy has nearly 40 distribution, fulfillment and transportation operating locations in the U.S. and Canada and has headquarters in both countries. The company has over 2,500 employees (with 23 in the domestic brokerage division) and $400 million-$500 million in revenue.


Legacy Supply Chain has been on an aggressive growth trajectory resulting in the doubling of revenue over the past 5-year period. At the core of this growth strategy is creating flexible supply chain capacity across the company’s distribution, fulfillment, and transportation service verticals, as well as expanding technology capabilities.

The growth and evolution of Legacy’s brokerage business has been central to the company’s overall success.

As Legacy expanded its carrier base and added spot capability, it was important for the company to create sustainable capacity for shippers and adapt to evolving marketing conditions.

To vet carriers, Legacy used several applications, including FMCSA’s. Unfortunately, warning signs pointing to problem carriers were not front and center, or easy to spot within these applications. 

That made it difficult to identify which carriers were reliable. Without clear red flags alerting them, Legacy sometimes hired a problem carrier, leading to double brokering, hostage loads, and cargo theft.

Legacy was not alone. The transportation industry has seen a 100% increase in double brokering scams in just over six months, from late 2022 and into the first quarter of 2023, according to a Commercial Carrier Journal article published in June 2023. 

And the Wall Street Journal reported that $500 million to $700 million of shippers’ and brokers’ freight payments are going to double brokers every year.


Legacy implemented Carrier Assure, the first performance-scoring software that uses data science, analytics and powerful algorithms to predict how a carrier will transport goods for full truckload interstate shipments.

Legacy quickly incorporated Carrier Assure into its vetting process.

Bridget Bates, Legacy’s Director of Operations for Domestic Brokerage, has worked in the industry for almost 25 years and immediately saw the benefits of Carrier Assure’s user-friendly system and predictive A through F carrier scores.  

She created a new standard operating procedure (SOP) that requires employees booking freight to use Carrier Assure to:

  • Verify that carriers have A or B ratings
  • Check fraud reports, P44 tracking scores, and other pertinent data

Bridget also appreciates that Carrier Assure asks for feedback on new features it plans to roll out, ensuring the application continues to address the freight broker’s needs.

“As we assessed the rapidly evolving market for capacity, we had to ensure our customers’ freight would be handled with the highest standards of safety, security and service.”

Aaron Zofkie

VP of Domestic Brokerage, Domestic Brokerage, Legacy Supply Chain


Since implementing Carrier Assure in August 2022, Legacy has:

  • Eliminated double brokering by 99%, with only one incident in 9 months after implementing Carrier Assure 
  • Eliminated fraud and theft by 100%
  • Reduced dropped loads by 40%
  • Saved hundreds of hours that staff once spent resolving issues with problem carriers
  • Improved Legacy’s on-time pickup and on-time delivery scores with customers, thereby becoming a go-to carrier for repeat business
Carrier Assure logo

What is Carrier Assure?

Carrier Assure is the first performance-scoring software that anticipates how the carrier will transport the goods for full truckload interstate shipments.

Carrier Assure uses data science, analytics, and powerful algorithms to comb through millions of data points daily, analyzing the carriers’ performance. 

The result is an easy-to-understand, predictive, real-time score that grades carriers from A to F.

“Carrier Assure’s CEO and staff are top-notch. They want feedback on everything. They truly listen to their clients.” 

Bridget Bates

Director of Operations, Domestic Brokerage, Legacy Supply Chain