Integrity Express Logistics Improves Efficiency and Reliability with Carrier Assure

Integrity uses Carrier Assure’s performance-scoring software to find reliable carriers and enhance decision-making.

Double Brokering Reduction

“Carrier Assure gives us everything we need to make sure the carriers we hire will come through for us and our customers.”

Emily Perez

Operations Manager, Integrity Express Logistics

Integrity Express

Founded in 2008, Integrity is based in Cincinnati, OH, and has 800+ employees. It has locations in 14 cities across the U.S. and operates in Canada and Mexico as well. Annual revenue is $725+ million.


Integrity Express Logistics, a longtime, successful freight broker, used different applications to vet carriers. The review process included checking a carrier’s operating authority, recent inspections, power units, and other important criteria. 

Unfortunately, the performance of these applications wasn’t consistent and impacted Integrity’s ability to make quick hiring decisions.

At the same time, Integrity was experiencing its fair share of double brokering and cargo theft, an issue for others in the industry as well.

For example, the freight brokerage industry has seen a 100% increase in double brokering scams in just over six months, from late 2022 and into the first quarter of 2023, according to a Commercial Carrier Journal article published in June 2023.


Integrity contacted Carrier Assure, the first performance-scoring software that uses data science, analytics and powerful algorithms to predict how a carrier will transport goods for full truckload interstate shipments.

Carrier Assure hadn’t yet gone live; its launch was scheduled for Summer 2022. So, it invited Integrity to join its beta user program to test the software. 

Integrity employees put the application through its paces. They were so pleased with the results, the company implemented Carrier Assure, making it available to more than 700 employees in sales and operations.

To facilitate the onboarding process, Integrity:

  • Sent emails to staff with links to Carrier Assure self-service videos and FAQs
  • Created a one-sheet explaining how staff should apply A-F scores when vetting carriers.

The team quickly took advantage of Carrier Assure’s carrier ratings and now uses Carrier Assure exclusively.

“As we assessed the rapidly evolving market for capacity, we had to ensure our customers’ freight would be handled with the highest standards of safety, security and service.”

Aaron Zofkie

VP of Domestic Brokerage, Domestic Brokerage, Legacy Supply Chain


Integrity has seen a big difference since implementing Carrier Assure. Within four months:

  • Double brokering decreased by 80%
  • In-transit theft was eliminated
  • Cargo fraud was almost completely eliminated 

Integrity also benefited from joining Carrier Assure’s community of freight brokers, where they discuss industry issues as well as share experiences and procedures.

Carrier Assure logo

What is Carrier Assure?

Carrier Assure is the first performance-scoring software that anticipates how the carrier will transport the goods for full truckload interstate shipments.

Carrier Assure uses data science, analytics, and powerful algorithms to comb through millions of data points daily, analyzing the carriers’ performance. 

The result is an easy-to-understand, predictive, real-time score that grades carriers from A to F.

 “It took virtually no time for our staff to adopt Carrier Assure. The website layout is user-friendly, and it’s easy for us to find the data we need to decide which carriers to hire.”

Emily Perez

Operations Manager, Integrity Express Logistics